Why I like pomades, creams, and clays

Three of my favorite products for styling someone’s hair.

When I finish someone’s hair, I like to put some sort of styling product on it so that it looks its best leaving the salon. While I am not usually a big fan of hair gels, I like using different types of products to keep hair in place.

I typically center around styling creams, pomades, and clays. The main factor in choosing which one to use is the client’s hair. Finer hair usually responds to a styling cream. I will usually use either a clay or a clay/pomade mix for thick or coarse hair, and pomades for hair in between the two.

The main advantage that I see with these types of products vs hair gels is that gels often dry out and get hard and uncomfortable on the head. They form a hard coating on one’s hair and can break or flake off when someone touches them throughout the day.

However, creams, pomades, and clays stay soft as the day goes on. We can run our hands and fingers through the hair after they have been put on, and the hair can maintain its shape or be easily put back into place.

Clays tend to have a matte finish, so I use them on clients who don’t necessarily want their hair to be shiny. Think of a lot of the younger and shorter hair styles.

Creams have been excellent for me when it comes to fine or soft hair. They provide enough hold without overdoing it.

I often use pomades in my chair. In many cases, they hold as well as any clay, yet they generally have a shinier look to them.

Some of the products I use on clients’ hair are combinations, such as a pomade/clay mixture.

One container of these products can last a very long time, as in several weeks or even months for the average user. They only need a very small amount (most of my clients use less than the size of a pea) per use.

Next time you are in the salon, I will be happy to show you the difference between some of the products and we can try some in your hair,

About Dave

I am a barber in Marietta and the Cobb County area. I graduated from the Gwinnett Barber Institute and have been cutting hair since 2019.

Atlanta has always been my home, minus eight years when I was a Navy musician in Japan and Seattle.

When I am not cutting hair, I am usually found spending time with my family or at Atlanta United matches with the Terminus Legion in the supporters section.