Buzzcuts and Head Shaves


You want a buzzcut, but you want it done the right way and not look like a home haircut.

This deluxe buzzcut is a #4 or shorter buzz with a tapered side and back, finished with a hot lather neck shave and hot towel massage.
Note: A Buzzcut does NOT include skin fades. For skin fades, book a Skin Fade.

The Express Buzzcut takes about 15 minutes to complete – $28 including a shampoo service
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Just like our Express Buzzcut, except we take it all off all the way down to nothing. Finished with a foil shaver, hot lather neck shave and a hot towel.

The Clipper Head Shave takes about 15 minutes to complete – $28 including a shampoo service
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Treating someone to a hot lather head shave is hands-down my favorite service to provide.

I don’t know how many times someone with little to no hair has told me that they have never been to a traditional barber. I meet a lot of people, and there’s almost a script that gets followed which says “I don’t have anything for you to work with.”

They are surprised when I tell them that they are among my favorite people to have in my chair… especially if they have a beard.

Head shaves are not as much about the hair removal (sometimes it’s not 100%) as they are about the experience of a hot lather shave with the lotions and oils which I massage the head with, and the steam towels which I relax the skin and ease the mind with.

I begin by removing the existing hair with clippers, trimmers, and sometimes a foil shaver, depending on the hair. I then apply a pre-shaving treatment and oil with a steam towel to soften the skin, open the pores, and to prepare the remaining hair for the razor to do its job.

I then apply oils and a hot lather to the head and begin the shave re-applying the oils and lather as necessary.

We end with an aftershave and then I massage cooling moisturizing cream into the scalp and set it with another steam towel.

I treat head shaves as mini-vacations in my chair, and like to finish with a relaxing shampoo treatment. After a shaved head, the cleansing, moisturizing and massaging action that takes place simply feels fantastic and invigorating.

This service usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour – $82 including the shampoo.
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