Men’s Haircuts

Haircuts for men in Brookhaven

My name is Dave Green, a Licensed Master Barber cutting in the City of Brookhaven, minutes away from Chamblee and North Buckhead. I provide men’s haircuts of all types from skin tight to fully flowing, and everywhere in between. The majority of the haircuts I provide for men are business haircuts, and most of my clients are managers, executives, and the professionals who meet with them.

“Looking shaggy” is not something they can afford to have in their positions. They keep a clean, well put together appearance, whether they are in the board room or out un the field getting their hands dirty with the team.

We men have specific needs with our haircuts… whether it’s from the sides tickling our ear every day, or the “poofy” hair, and yes, some of us need to camouflage some thinning areas.

My Barber Chair is where I address these needs. Meanwhile, you can relax. You can turn off the world for a while and “recharge your batteries.” I keep the conversation light, or you can simply let me know that you’d like to “zone out” for a while, and take in a few moments of peace while I go to work, only breaking the silence to check along the way to make sure that you are getting the haircut you want.

All men’s haircut services include:

  • A personal consultation where we talk in detail about the haircut that you would like. Men’s haircuts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a “#2 on the sides and scissors on top” can mean several things. I got to work to make sure that you and I both know what you have in mind before the sharp objects come out.

    Some clients tell me about the good and bad haircuts experienced in the past, and others bring pictures on their phones of hairstyles to show what they do and don’t like, even previous pictures of themselves to show me how they have worn their hair in the past. I ask a variety of questions during our consultations before I start cutting.
  • I tailor men’s haircuts to your image, morning routine, and lifestyle. I think the morning routine is the most important part of this.. I get about 30 minutes with you in a chair every couple weeks… you’ve got it the rest of the time. If you’re a “wash-and-go” guy like me, then giving you a men’s haircut which needs you to be in front of a mirror for 20 minutes with a blow dryer and hairspray may not be the happiest situation for you over time.

  • I shave the neck with either a hair and skin conditioning oil: Jack Black’s MP-10 – this stuff is pretty nice. I don’t get a commission on it (unless you buy it in the Barber shop… then I make about two bucks, so go ahead and order it online) or hot lather and a straight razor (I will use an alternative to the razor if I observe that the skin is too sensitive, or if any other condition would prohibit the use of a razor).

  • I like to offer a vigorous shampoo and hair conditioning treatment with each cut,

You can take my notes home with you

When I lived in Seattle, one of my mentors often said “the dullest pen remembers better than the sharpest mind.”

My clients enjoy the fact that I take notes on every haircut and include reference photos so that the next time they are in my chair, we have a starting point. It is more dependable than “do what you did last time.: Sometimes the client says “same thing, but lets go a little longer” or a little shorter.

I encourage every client to take pictures of my notes and their haircut in their own phone, as well.