Business Haircuts for Men

Those familiar with the nuances involved in business men’s haircuts know that they can be the difference between full confidence and walking into a room not being 100%.

I pay extra attention to those nuances, such as:

  • The extra millimeter or two which keeps your hair away from your ears and buys you an extra couple of days
  • Reducing the “poofiness” of your hair with a unique method I developed with top hairstyle experts in the architecture of hair which helps to lay the hair down and grow in more naturally.
  • If your neck hair outpaces the rest of your hair, come see me in between cuts and I will trim your neck for you
  • Most Executives and Managers in my chair don’t spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror. They are mostly “wash and go and add a product to keep everything in place.” I help to choose products specifically for your hair. I rarely recommend a gel except in certain cases, and in many cases, even a clay or pomade sits heavily on someone’s head.

Whether you are getting ready for an important executive management meeting or a weekend trip to the mountains, the business haircut for men will have you looking and feeling your best.