Why did I bring Reuzel products onto my station?

Before deciding to bring hair products onto my station, I hadn’t seen them as being much more than an “upsell” to customers. After all, the folks in the hair business like to talk about getting that extra 10% or so by selling products.

It kinda made me think of that guy trying to sell you an air filter during your oil change…

…and for what? So I can make an extra two or three bucks when a customer buys?

Then I started seeing for myself how some products help someone’s hair in certain situations… like using a detangler on long hair, especially fine hair. Watching a fresh haircut transform into the intended style by adding some pomade after washing.

I started using all sorts of products in my own hair just to see what it would do with it. Some had a nice effect, some just made my hair waxy or greasy, and one (American Crew’s Grooming Cream) took my hair’s curls in front and made them turn in ways I had never seen them turn before! Not necessarily for me, but if I ever have someone in my chair wanting a 50’s greaser look, I know what to turn them on to.

So why Reuzel?

We barbers talk about all kinds of things, including products. A lot of the time, we’re talking about products that we are using on our customers, such as Got 2b Glued or Liquid Razor, during our services.

Yet when I talk to barbers about products they are sending their clients home with, Reuzel tops the list.

These barbers aren’t all that interested in the couple of extra bucks they get from the sale of a product. They are more interested in making sure that their clients look as good every day as they do when they leave the shop.

Reuzel products provide many ways to make it happen.

Their line of pomades goes from the shiniest and wettest look to flat matte for all the style and none of the shine. The hair tonics are lightweight stylers which work well with being blown dry. They have a line of beard care for those of us whose ladies prefer the look and feel of facial hair. and every one of their products I have smelled so far smell great!

Come try it out

I have limited shelf space at my station, and I want to make sure that I put products on it that do the job. If you want to check them out, come out to the salon and I can put some in your hair so you can see and feel how it works for you.