Where the $%&#! is Hickory Flat???

That was my first thought when E at E’s Barber Shop told me that he wanted me to work in the new Hickory Flat barber shop.

Spoiler Alert: I’ve learned from the locals that it’s in the southeastern corner of Cherokee County. I’m having a blast there and it is worth the drive!

The only thing I knew about Hickory Flat is that it is about 20 minutes further from home than the Woodstock location, and that the only other place to get a haircut there is a chain store.

I later learned that it was much closer to a lot of places than I thought it was.

If you recognize this, then your childhood was awesome!

I discovered this on my way to get my feet and arms worked on. I set my GPS to May’s Massage in Marietta (If you haven’t tried them, you really need to… I do a 90-minute foot massage there with about 15-20 minute focus on my hands and arms every couple weeks).

I expected a 20-30 minute drive, and Google Maps took me the back way. I started seeing streets like Hardscrabble Road, and signs for Crabapple, and Alpharetta Hwy 9. When I saw these, I thought I had been misdirected to Roswell and Alpharetta. So I pulled up an aerial view…

…and I discovered that Hickory Flat was halfway between Woodstock and Roswell… about 20 minutes from each one. Yes, a long drive from where I live in Marietta, but a short drive from a lot of other areas.

As I began cutting hair there, I began meeting people from all over the place. E’s has customers who drive 45 minutes up to an hour to get their hair cut.

I did a little research… especially since I am active in the Atlanta United supporters group community, especially with Terminus Legion and our AU Nation group. I found out that it’s closer than I thought to several of my favorite places…