Hair Droppings

Little things I’ve noticed and learned from behind the chair…

There aren’t many things that match the pure joy on a child’s face or their laughter when they just ripped one in your chair.

Many people tell me that they have the world’s worst cowlick.

A teen who goes into detail in conversation is often up to something.

When someone says they want a mullet, it will take you a few minutes to determine if they mean Patrick Swayze or “Achy-Breaky”

“Thank you and welcome home!” is probably the greatest thing we can say to a Vietnam War veteran…. or any Veteran, for that matter.

A barber’s license does not mean that you know how to cut hair any more than a driver’s license means that you know how to drive.

“It’ll grow back” is the most common comment I hear from men.

Saying “Sir,” “Ma’am,” and “Thank You” is alive and well.

Pictures of your haircuts do not lie.

Telling the barber what they want is a rite of passage toward manhood for boys.

The lollipop is one of the greatest inventions, ever.

No matter how good a haircut is, it can always be better.

The proper use of the word “booger” forms an ironclad bond of trust between a barber and a client.

There are few luxuries in life which equal a hot towel on the neck or face.

A haircut is a rare break of peace and quiet – or pure diversion.

If you travel between shops and keep your gear in the car overnight, the first client is in for a really cold surprise with that first spray of water.

There sure are a lot of guys getting their haircut the day of the wedding.

Quiet haircuts can be relaxing, too.

“You ain’t sh*t.” — Mr. Smith

The art of barbering is an ongoing learning process… Always continue to grow yourself and your skills.

Hair splinters are a way of life.

Proper preparation makes for a much smoother day.

The inventor of the Bobblehead must have gotten their inspiration from seeing kids getting their hair cut.